Monday, January 4, 2016

Weekly Goals | 1/4 - 1/10

There is only so many thing a person can plan in a week. Here is my take on what I hope to accomplish this week. This week I also hope to read as much as again for #tbrtakedown and #aboutofbooks even though I didn't sign up for abouthofbooks I am hoping to read as much as I can for the challenge. Not making a tbr for the challenge just going to try and read as much as possible for it. Good luck to everyone participating.

Books I want to finish:

Other than The Raven Boys I really don't know what to start after. I don't know if I am going to pick up The Dream Thieve or another books after. I will have to wait and see what I will be in the mood to read. I also hope to read some comic book single issues that I own. Hopefully that can be accomplish.



Since I am able to hear audio-books at work I hope I can finish The Thrawn Trilogy on audio-book this week. I have been in a real Star Wars kick since I saw the movie. I know that the book universe isn't cannon anymore because of the movies. But I would like to see what I think about this universe that is no longer cannon. I have heard that this trilogy is the best series out there in the book universe of Star Wars. I am looking forward to finally getting to experience it for my self.

If anyone is a Star Wars book universe fan which books do you guys recommend for me to pick up?

What are your guys plans this week?


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