Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Get Up Offa That Slump: Challenge - The Fangirl Interview with Us (March 9th)

An interview with myself. Or ourselves, since there is two of us. Hi, everyone and welcome to our first post in the Get Up Offa That Slump challenge that Rachelle at Beauty and the Bookshelf posted. Now, while Mel and I HAVE been posting, it has been mostly reviews and not fun content that we wanted to included in our blog. When I saw this pop up on my twitter feed, we jumped on the idea of doing something to get out of our boring slump. So, without further rambling from me, Mel and I will interview ourselves.

For the sake of new readers, can you give us your name?
Em: Nope, you can just call me Em. Everyone

Mel: Well if you so strongly want to know it’s Melody. But people usually call me Mel since apparently Melody is such a hard name to pronounce… I don’t get it either.

Ooookay. Why don’t you start by telling us about your blog, what are you aiming to do with it?
Em: Short answer, fangirl or things with my fellow fan-people, but mainly Mel. Long answer … there is no long answer. Fangirling. Like minded people. Yep that’s about it.

Mel: Yep, yep.

Really? No 12 step plan for like world domination, huh?
Mel: Don’t tell them the plan. *she whispers quietly to Em*

Em: Right the first step to world domination is, don’t talk about world domination.

So, what do you fangirl over?
Mel: Marvel everything!!! Harry Potter, BRANDON SANDERSON, movies, Zombies, BOOKS, Books, books, books, BRANDON SANDERSON!!!!!, fanart, BRANDON SANDERSON, harry potter ... *person asking the questions stares at me really weird* ... well you asked me…. I am obsess. (maybe a little too much)

Em: Take Mel’s answer, pull out Brandon Sanderson, cause I have yet to read him, and put in URBAN FANTASY and it is pretty much the same. Oh and ghosts! I love me all the good ghost stories.

Do you remember the first time you you fangirl about something?
Em: Picture it *waves hand across the air* it was the late ‘80’s and X-Men was on Saturday morning cartoons - and if you can get that reference, you get a chocolate bar!

Mel: *remembers a long time ago* (whispers 1993) … *remembers 1993* little me sitting in front of the television. “Colorful costumes” I say as I stare at the television with people fighting people with grey costumes and at that point I was obsessed with these people in colorful costumes…
Go Go Power Rangers da da da dada
Go Go Power Rangers da da da dada
Go Go Power Rangers
Mighty Morph’ and Power Rangers
(If you don’t know the show was called Mighty Morph’ and Power Rangers) But it could also be a close call with the X-Men Cartoons. Come on that theme song is still stuck in my head.
Na na na na nana
na na na na nana
na na na na nana
na na na na na na na na …
(OH and those costumes)

Em: when you nana na na na it, I think of the ‘60 batman show! Wait that may be the first thing I fangirled over! Now THERE was cheesy costumes! I think we may have found something else - tightskin off the wall costumes!

Em: Hey Mel, chocolate sounds good. Is 8 am too early for candy?

Mel: It’s never too early for chocolate!

Em: Good cause chocolate and coffee sound like it would be a breakfast of champions!

Em: Also, I need to update my wish list did you SEE everything release these last two weeks?

Hey, ladies. I’m the one asking questions. Em: *waits*

Mel: *stares at interrupted conversation quietly*

Hold on just checking my notes.

Do you have a to go fandom?
Mel: HARRY POTTER! What do you expect other tha.... oh BRANDON SANDERSON *internal monologue* (Is Brandon Sanderson a fandom??? It must be right. He writes books. But he is a person. But how can you not like all his books? But he is a person. WITH A BRAIN I WISH I HAD! But he is still a person. WITH WORLD BUILDING OUT OF THIS WORLD. But he is a person. WITH OVER 20 PUBLISH PIECES OF WORK AND STILL COUNTING. BUT HE IS A PERSON!) Yup, and Brandon Sanderson. Along with movies and BOOKS!! *HOW CAN I FORGET THE MARVEL!!!* oh and MARVEL ANYTHING! There is no such thing as one thing to a go to fandom. It must always be multiple.

Em: *SCREAMS* HARRY FLIPPING POTTER! BOOKS! MOVIES! TOYS! THINGS I CAN CRAFT! AND WE ARE GETTING MORE! *laughs a little too evilly* Although, Marvel has my heart lately. And the Deadpool movie! CAN I OWN IT YET?

What may be the oddest thing you are “addicted” to?
Mel: … Buffy … *it’s because of you! you did this to me! With your shipping and fanfiction and your everything. You did this to me* (curses with two fist to the air) *DAMN YOU WHEDON*

Em: Ramen noodles and… Oh not food? *thinks hard* Okay, I am told it is weird to love the NCIS show as much as I do. Including reading case fanfic. I am told it is not cool and old *finger quotes* BUT F-YOU I LOVE FOUND FAMILIES AND CASES TO SOLVE AND THE PEOPLE! Plus it was nice to see Thackery Binx grow up and become a cop. I know too many odd things.

Mel: It’s not weird at all I love crime shows. I love Criminal Minds and Law and Order: SVU and Chicago PD and OH DON’T GET ME STARTED WITH CHICAGO MED (current obsession with Chicago PD and LAO:SVU) I even do this thing where I picture every character of every fandom I like in a setting where they are detectives. LOL I NEED MORE FANFICTION WHERE ALL THE CHARACTERS I LOVE ARE DETECTIVES. PLEASE FANDOM WORLD GIVE ME DETECTIVE FANFICTION IN ALL MY FANDOMS!!!

Em: It’s kinda sad that fandoms tend to run to the young crowd, even if I know a ton of people that read/draw/write in these ones too. GIVE YOUR DETECTIVE SHOWS MORE LOVE FANDOMS!


Okay, I know you are busy ladies, so this it the last question. What new things would you like to see on your blog this year?
Em: Fun things like this! I know some people jump right into knowing how to blog right, or something. But, I think Mel and I are getting our feet wet. Also, we have this bad, bad. bad thing of not posting something new unless we clear it with the other first. Not like “read this post” but more like “Hey do you mind it I do X on the blog”

Mel: I think just posting in a steady schedule for me and just posting what I like and not over thinking things. I personally have this thing on waiting too long in posting things and also over thinking everything. I feel that I must sound a certain way. I should just write what is on my mind and post. I also agree with Em. We do always wait for each other to be on the clear on posting. I think we should just trust each other and post. Because we are both pretty much open to anything. Hopefully we will get in the redome of things in the blogging world. It’s a process.

Thank you ladies for your time.

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  1. A few thoughts:
    1. Fangirling. YES.
    2. I'm ashamed to say I still haven't read Brandon Sanderson. Don't hate me!
    3. I wish chocolate and coffee would be an acceptable breakfast combo because that sounds like nirvana. OOH. Maybe coffee and nutella?
    4. I'm an over-thinker too! I'm trying to learn to just relax and go with it!

    Finally, 5. I love your banner because TARDIS.
    Awesome interview, ladies, I really enjoyed it!

    1. Hi!! Brandon Sanderson is so GOOD. If you ever want to give him a shot I recommend to start with mistborn. If you love it you will love all his other books. If you are still in the fence after reading that one I recommend you read SteelHeart. I think that will determine if you like Sandersone or not. :D

      LOL I am currently drinking Coffee and eating a nutella sandwich lol

      I must not over think. Hopefully I can do that.

      THANK YOU!!! We love DW.


    2. Coffee and Nutella! I think you are my new best friend! Just told tell my old best friend. Also Mel did the banner, she has awesome art skills and I make sad looking stick figures that look like they have back problems.

  2. Harry FREAKING Potter! Iʻm so excited for more Harry Potter things! I use a lot of exclamation points all the time, but especially when it comes to Harry Potter! I already have a standing arrangement with a babysitter so that I can go and see Fantastic Beasts at midnight like in the good ʻol days.

    Classic over thinker here, too. When it comes to my blog, I sometimes wonʻt post things if I feel like others wonʻt like it but Iʻm trying to learn that itʻs my blog/life so it doesnʻt really matter what other people long as I like it & am having fun.

    I only heard of Brandon Sanderson in the past few months or so, but I think I would really like his books. Heʻs got so much to offer, though, Iʻm not sure where to start!

    1. Fantastic Beasts might be a movie I would do the midnight screening at! Remember the midnight book parties? I miss those so flipping much.

      Don't worry, I never heard of this Brandon Sanderson guy until last year, now I hear of him everywhere. I have a feeling if I do not get some books soon, Mel is going to gift me a set. With a detailed reading order. And cliff notes.

    2. Yes! Harry Potter has taken over my life. I am so excited for all the new content that has been coming out about the world. I am so excited for the new movies.
      Oh how I remember those midnight events. Also OMG the book releasing parties. It's just so much fun.

      BRANDON SANDERSON!!! I heard about him about 2 years ago I think and I have been obsess ever since. If you want to start reading his books I recommend Mistborn the first one in the series. It's called "The Final Empire" but it's marketed as "Misborn" in the US. If you want something more YA I recommend "Steelheart". If you don't like one give the other a try. See which of his type of books you prefer :D.

      Hope this helps :D

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  4. This was such a fun interview to read - you both seem super cool! Also, yay for Harry Potter!
    I am really into Criminal Minds too, though I am several seasons behind where the show is now in US. I am 90% sitcom watcher, and it always takes extra effort for me to get into shows other than sitcoms.

    1. We are both really cool...ish.

      There is hardly a time I am up-to-date on my shows I like to watch. There are so many! Thank goodness I can watch something and knit or any other crafty thing I want to do, I would never get anything done.

    2. Harry Potter is an addiction. lol

      Yup it's hard to keep up with shows. I am up to the season. But I am a few episodes behind this season. It just gets crazier and so good lol.

      Thanks for the comment. :D

  5. Ha, this was so much fun to read! I still need to read Brandon Sanderson, whoops. Mel, do you know who Nikki from There Were Books Involved is? She's a HUGE Sanderson fan. I love how you want to do more fun things with your blog. I struggle with that a lot, too. I barely get the usual posts done--reviews, Top Ten Tuesday, Waiting on Wednesday--but I really want to give my blog some originality, you know? Step outside the outline and just have FUN. It might be easier said than done, but I think we can do it!

    1. P.S. I love your blog header!

    2. Don't know who she is but I am sure going to go see now. WE MUST STICK TOGETHER!!!!!!!!! lol.

      Yeah I know what you mean. It's just so hard to try and do something original. But I kind of want to throw that out the window and just have fun. We got this!!!
      thanks for commenting :D