Saturday, December 19, 2015

Em’s 2016 Mega List of Challenges!

This year I am going back to goals like I did when I was younger. Daily/weekly/monthly  goals worked for me, to get things done, and made me feel like I COULD get things done.  Nothing feels more daunting than seeing "I want to lose 60lbs in 2016" and giving up before it you've even tried.

Since I'm also a competitive person at heart, at least with others, I have joined a lot of reading and blogging challenges that I think will help me reach this, and earn all the bragging rights.  ALL OF THEM! And a digital trophy.

I can only win here!

Also if you find a challenge you think I would like, please post it in a comment, I'll check it out! 


If you have a reading addiction and like me, never want to go to rehab, you have the mountain of books on your shelf, dresser-top, floor of your closet, or just wherever you can stick them.  Now my friends, the wonderful Bev over at My Reader’s Block,  has a challenge to go climb that mountain! Or take it down to a less scary level.

I am aiming to read at the Mt. Vancouver: level, which is at least 26 books off my pile to be read by the end of the year, as long as that book was obtained before Jan. 1st.  Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy, I have a problem buying books at the library bookstore anyway.  And this means a can buy more to replace them without so much a squeak from my inner Jiminy Cricket.  *wipes brow* I was worried.  

Remember the aforementioned book buying problem I have?  The one where I am in the story WEEKLY?  Yeah, this is where it all is going to pay off!   This easy, no minimum limit challenge, is just for those books you pick up at the local charity shop (think Goodwill) or really anything where your hard earned quarters goes to a charity fund.  

Since I can pick the number, I am going with 20. Hey, I have digital copies and ARC to get through too.

This one has an odd sounding title, but another that is easy to do. No minimum amount of books, but they have to be those ebooks we all pick up for free.  You know the ones, the are shinny and pretty on amazon and the price is only zeros, just sitting there whispering “click me, take me home.”   Now, until March 4th I can knock those babies off my to read list, like I knock back peppermint mochas.  

My 3 month goal in 6 books.  Which should not be hard, I have a lot of smaller novels in here.  

Challenge Four -  THE 2016 LGBTQIA  CHALLANGE

With so many books on my TBR list that fall under this challenge, why would I NOT!?!  Melody has been bugging me to read Carry On, I have a ton on my ereader, and maybe I can get back that Blood Dagger book my sister had yet to return.  Like it is starting to look bad there sis.

I am going to put my goal down as 10 books in 2016, which will put me at the orange level.  Unfortunately I hate that color and now am forced to try to read more, like 21 books which will put my in a health and beautiful green!  The things I have to do for appearances. *sigh*

Do I have a ton of books lying around that were published before 2014?  Hells to the yes I do! And I looks like Pretty Deadly Blog know my dirty secret and made this challenge just for me. Okay, not for me, but I like to pretend.

I goal is simple, read those books that are not the newish shiniest things on the block, and review them.  Gush over them and let everyone one know, just because they are not a hip new thang, doesn’t mean they still can’t kick some literary bootee.

My goal is 30 books, which really should be easy as stealing candy from the take one bowl at the restaurant hostess station.

Another one that looks like someone got the idea while peeking in my curtain.  You just knew I have a ton of books that would bring me up to date/finish the series didn’t you!   Who ever runs delightedreader must be using clever cat spies to know this, cause it is getting to be bad around here.  But sometimes I never what it to end!  Or I am missing that connecting book #4  so I can read 5-7 that I got on the cheap!

Now I have no excuse to be lazy, not when honor is on the line!

I am aiming for 10 books in this as well!


And yes, I know that on their little graphic is says writing reviews challenge, but I am going with the post title.  So this one is pretty much cut and dry to what the tin label says.  No artificial additives in here, just pure, organic book reviews. You set a yearly goal (mine is 52 reviews) and you try to meet that goal.  

“But Em,” you might say, “things is a reading challenge,” as you point to the bolded word ‘reading’ giving me that look like I forgot what words mean.  “Yes, I know.”  I would respond, “But, Netgalley only will give me a better score if I review!”

So my goal is to get Netgalley up to 80% or higher, which is their standard for reviewers. This allows me more books, and a new badges.  (That ladies and gentleman we can a win-win!)

If bloggers that didn’t post reviews like the should (in some cases they are even written just not posted) had to have a shame photo taken, complete with cardboard sign that said “I didn’t post my promised reviews.”   Well no more!  Now is the time to dust those books, write them up, and post, post post!  

And the last one!  My 2016 resolutions list, as it applies to this blog at least.  I like that I can even include non book goals in this challenge, so you can all see this as a sneak peek of what I want to bring to the blog this year

Reading Goals
  • Get my Netgalley percentage up to 80% (as stated in another challenge)
  • Read 1 authors that is new to me this each month, or 12 a year.  I can not guarantee I will not fall into a MUST READ THIS SERIES manic read-a-thon with myself and can do this monthly.
  • Complete all challenges this year I listed above
  • Only spend $10 on books this year/per month  - yes you heard me 10 dollars!
  • Read 30  number of books that I already own  - or put in a micro dent
  • Read 52 books (non picture books, that is on another blog) this year
  • Read all graphic novels I bought at comic con in 2015 (And hopefully before next comic con)
  • Clean out my ereader!  (which I guess only works if I stopped getting more)

Blogging Goals
  • Keep spreadsheet completely updated  
  • Write 3 posts a week
  • Blog ahead on Top Three posts
  • Respond to comments as they come in
  • Create a Blog/Review Schedule (e.g. using a spreadsheet)
  • Take part in a meme every month for the whole year
  • Set up social media pages
  • Do A-Z challenge in April
  • Remember non reading post too!
  • Use twitter more!
  • Start blogging some geeky crafts!

Well I think all of these challenges can keep me busy this year.  Not out of trouble, but busy.  


  1. Hi Em! You certainly are a gal after my own heart because I signed up for a ton of challenges, too. Thanks for joining our Delighted Reader series challenge (and yep, I do have a black ops trained cat to spy out needy people). :)

    1. I KNEW my cats were acting odd. And I thought they would never turn on me, but you cleverly learned their weakness! Never trust an animal that can be bribed with tuna cans!

      But, turely, thanks for running this. I am very excited about these to the point where I had to STOP from read 6 books at once.

  2. I have a whole list of Challenges on my blog, I am signed up for 16 of them and I know there's still a few more I want to do!! Good luck!!

    1. Mel, the awesome gal who I work with on this blog, and I have a HUGE spreadsheet of all the challenges we came across. Picking what I did pick is hard, very hard! Good luck with your challenges and may we cross paths soon!

  3. Good luck with all your new reading goals and challenges for 2016.

    1. Thanks Erin. Hope you have some goal too this year.