About Melody

Hi guys my name is Melody. At the age of 28, I am a geeky person that love comics, books, movies, shows, and pretty much anything that is in the fandom world. I get easy obsessed with things. (which that could be a bad or a good thing)

Sometimes you need your own place in the internet where you can share your love for things with others. This is our little place where we could do that and also share our thoughts.

I have created this blog with Em. A place were we could share our geekdom together. Meeting each other for the first time at "San Diego Comic Con 2015" we instantly clicked. We found out that we had a lot of the same interests and that we both wanted to create a blog. So, that is how "So Totally Not Addicted" was born. From that desire to create a place in the internet were we share our thoughts and feeling about things that we love. We hope that together we could motivate each other to build up this little corner of the internet to something we are both happy. A little safe place to share our love for fandom.

My hope is to share my love of fandom in this blog and make new friends on the way.

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