About Em

You’d think with a lifetime of living with me, that I would be able to do this, but  I attack About Me’s much like I do dating profiles.  Which dragging feet, and a bunch of, “I am soooooooooooooo boring,”  then I toss a big ol’ bag of nope, and give up and go play some Flight Rising for hours.  However, I am told these are things people want to read, so I will try not to bore you too much.  I mean this IS about me, so it could be a total snooze fest.

For fun I enjoy a long walk through books, cuddling next to the fire with a good podcast, or a candlelight dinner with my laptop and a open gdoc, typing away whatever is in my head.  When I am not reading a book, you might find me on my phone ... reading an ebook.  When I am feeling really adventurous I go on knitting sprints, sometimes even making something after I read a passage in a book and it set me off to create.  

See I am a perfectly normal, boring human being!

Unless you bring in Comic Con.  To some, it is a week thing, and you’ll try for next year.  With Mel and myself, (much to our other roomies horror) we plan for a full out battle, with spreadsheets, and checklists. Where we ransack the ARCs and the swag.  Storm the panels and bombard them with photos.  We reckon the floor for deals and pile our treasures in our rooms like a dragon's hoard.  We eat little, sleep less and enjoy every minute of it.  And also, in all that geekdom high, this blog was born. Something to show the world our love for books and all other types of meta that catch our eye.  

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