Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Get Up Offa That Slump Challenge: Idea Board

Hosted By Beauty and the Bookshelf

Yep, I know we are late this time, but poor Mel was sick then went to Wondercon, and I was swamped with family and Easter prep. Sorry loves. So, FRIDAY'S challenge was either plan a trip, or make and idea board for your blog. We chose the last one, because it is kind of WHY we wanted to do this challenge in the first place.
Since there is two of us, we opened a shared google doc, and started adding in ideas to do. So, this is going to look more like a idea list and not a board, but ideas are ideas!

Things we like from this challenge to do more of:

  • Mad Libs is fun and easy and something to do randomly with popular books/add on to a book review or a movie review too! 
  • Spins off the easter basket bit - Bookish 12 days of Christmas and things like that 
  • More Book Tags, or any fun tag things. 
  • Maybe once a month. Dogs and Books somehow.

New Things

  • Caption Contest. Maybe the prize is a bookmark Mel can make and mail out? This can be fun with a new movie or show, or even an old one people love. Just grab a screenshot and go. 
  • Bring back TOP 3 but do fun topics. We have the top 10 tues where we can do book like things. Bookshelf Tour Blog Post 
  • Funko Pop with books theme post 
  • Weekly character bookmark Post 
  • Weekly Booktuber Recommendation/Graphic Post 
  • Comic Con Posts!
  • Blog Tour blitz - we set a time and look at X number of blogs and read and comment to posts, and then post a post on what we liked, if we are following any new blogs, or if someone has a post we think people should read. 
  • Add a follow thing to our blog, so people can follow. And HOW DO YOU EVEN WORK BLOGLOVIN? Someone tell me PLEASE!


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