Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Review/Spoilers

I had told my self that I wouldn't be seeing this movie until after it came out on DVD but I ended up caving in and watching it. After going to Wonder Con and everyone talking about it. I don't thinking I couldn't watch it at all. So on Sunday right after the Con I went straight to the theater and watched the movie. It was everything that I expected it to be. I didn't go in the theater with high or low expectations. I just went in the theater seeing what the movie could bring. I am stating right now that I am not the biggest DC fan out there. I don't read the comic books at all. But the reason is because there is just so much out there apart from the stories being re-booted every few years. There has been some years where the books have just made no sense to me.

Currently the only DC title that I am picking up is Superman: American Alien by Max Landis. Which I think it's such an interest take of the story. How it picks up in different parts of his life as he becomes Superman. But I will stop here with that. This is a BvS review.

I will state that there will be spoilers in this review. So if you wish not to be spoiled I would say that you leave right now. Because I will be talking details about the movie.

On with the review. For a Superman movie, Superman wasn't really much in the movie. I feel like he was really absent in the film. Yes, the issues revolving in the movie were about him but he wasn't really in the film enough. He really didn't represent himself. I even think that he didn't really have enough lines in the film.

Another issue of this film was the pace of the film it was so slow. There was times I was so bored with the film. I didn't really want to be in the theater and continue watching it. I was at point ready to walk out. The editing of the film felt all out of place. There were certain scenes that I just wish were in different parts of the film. It was just not consisting at all.

The way that the Justice League members were introduce in this film was just so sloppy. It would have been more interesting to give a gleams of them towards the end of the film. It would have done more of an impact for the audience. It was just thrown in the middle of a scene that was already making an impact. I didn't understand that placement at all.

Let's talk about Lex Luther. Oh why they would go that way with him I don't understand at all. The character was so distracting so out of what Luther is. It felt as if it was trying to be the Joker. Jesse Eisenberg was just not the right Lex for me. He just pulled me out of the movie. He didn't feel part of the universe that they were creating. It just didn't work for me at all.

The whole fight with Batman and Superman but it just didn't make sense what the film makers were trying to do. I know they wanted that climatic event but it just felt force. I wish they were fighting for a better reason other than Lex Luther planning it all. It just made it feel like a cop out for me.

I can really go on my issues for this film but I feel I should just leave it here. These were some of the main points why I didn't enjoyed the film.

What I like about the film:
Even though I did have a lot of issues with the film I did enjoyed some part. One of my biggest one was Ben Affleck at Batman. He was perfect for the role. He place both Bruce Wayne and Batman perfectly. The opening sequence of the film was just amazing. The way it was shot and then the way that Bruce Wayne just went to the city it was just amazing. Really don't have many words for it than brilliant. I think I have come to like this version of Batman better than the Christopher Nolan version of Batman.

I have to say that the origin opening sequence of Batman was one of the best I have ever scene been film. It wasn't too much. It was just the right amount of origin that we needed.

I enjoyed all of Batman's scene in the film. It felt like the Batman from the cartoons and comics. That was Batman and liked ever moment of his performance.

Another thing that I loved from the film was Wonder Woman at the end. The way she just shows up and just kicks ass is just so amazing. She could have taken on Doomsday by herself. She was technically fighting him by herself and they way her expression showed that she was having fun was also amazing. She knew she had to stop this thing. But we all do have to keep in mind that she was raise to be a warrior and that is what it looked like. A warrior just kicking ass. I loved that.

Those are scenes I really like from the film. One thing that I did like that Lois knew that Clark was Superman. It was just getting old. The whole superhero secret identity from love ones thing.

My overall thoughts:
Overall it was and okay movie not the best not the worst. I don't think I will be seeing it again. But it's worth a watch if you like superhero movies. Just ignore everyone's opinion and give it a chance and see if YOU like it. It's all on opinion here.

I will see the next DC films. I do want to give the DC film a chance and want to see where they go. I am looking forward to seeing Suicide Squad. I just hope it doesn't suffer what this film suffer because of all it's characters. But only time will tell with the DC cinematic universe.

Rating: C-


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