Monday, January 4, 2016

Em's Weekly Goals 1/4-1/10

This week I have reading and crafting on my plate!

In reading, I am going to start with finishing:

Then I am going to move onto:

In crafting, I am finishing a Dr. Who blanket, pictures and post will come. Start a Teen Wolf cross stitch based off of a friends art.  She gave me the A-okay to blog about it, as long as I make it so she can re-blog/pass it along.  Also have two Harry Potter bookmark house scarves to knit. Looks like I have something to do when I watch the Martian and Con Man. 

This week I am working on posts for:

In a Dark Wood
Five Dates
Full Exposure
The Martian Book V Movie 

Oh boy I have a lot of writing to do!  


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