Saturday, January 30, 2016

Top 3 - NEW things you want to do in 2016

Top 3 NEW things you want to do in 2016


The first thing that I would like to try this year is to keep up with a bullet journal. I have always wanted to keep a tradition journal where I keep my daily routine recorded. But that process has never really worked for me. I always end up dropping it after a while, not really felling that motivated for the project. However, this new system that I have discover may be just right for me. I love making list. I also love crossing out items from those list once I have accomplish them. It always keeps me motivated. I have random notebooks and papers all around with list. That is why I think the bullet journal is perfect for me. Because it's practically the same thing but organize. So here is hoping that I keep this journal this year.

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Second thing I would like to accomplish this year (starting in February) is to create a weekly graphic. I would like to get back into creating things I enjoy. I have always love making illustrations and I am hoping that this task will allow me to get back into a routine into creating something that I love. 

Example of one of the illustrations I have done

Lastly I would like to finish a novel I started during NaNoWriMo. It doesn't have to be perfect it just has to be complete. That is one of my goals to have a complete novel. That would be a new thing that I would try out. To have a complete book.


(sadly, I have no pretty pictures) 

So, my top thing I want to do this year, I want to go back to work after I am done from my recovery. It's not on this list cause I have worked for many, many years. So, it can't be defined as a NEW thing, and the topic of this post. 

Now to the Top Three things I want to do:

#3 - Learn to Knit in the Round
For non knitters, that is learning to knit things like hats, and socks.  I own the double pointed needles, and circular needles, so I just need to DO and PRACTICE. Two things that are soooo boring. 

#2 - Walking 
Okay, this isn't all new. I use do fun walk/runs for charity a lot. (See when I worked and had money to do things like this) BUT I have a goal this time, I want to work on my distance and stamina.  I would love to do Bay to Breakers by 2017 again.  And when you are going from nothing, you need to work yourself up. 

#1 - Start an Esty Store 
I have been making crafts for a long time, and now I want to put some ideas to use.  I am working on idea and product demos now, so I can chose what I want to toss up on the store.  I do back and forth on geeky things I like, and the more hipster or country things that more people might buy.  

Or I could just do it all! What do you think, or what are some things you want to do this year? 


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