Saturday, January 9, 2016

Top 3 Podcast

Because next week is national podcast week, this week's top 3 we will be discussing what are our favorite podcast. Chime in and let us know what podcasts we should be checking out.


Rooster Teeth Podcast: Listen for free on: Youtube | iTunes
If you like people just talk about random things and at the same time understand the things you like than I think that you should check out this podcast. I love this podcast because they talk about mostly everything that is going on, current events, movies, book, show, life in general. I do have to warn you that they do talk about adult content sometimes. They are mostly known for their comedy in here and talking about their personal lives and applying it to topics they are discussing. I do love it because they are so random. You never feel that you are going to get bored and some of the topics are interesting and they do make you think. But sometimes is just awesome to listen for just laughs. Rooster Teeth Podcast was made from the company of the same name Rooster Teeth. Which is a company that was created base on an online show base on the Halo video game. Which is pretty funny also if you are a gamer.

I also love it because we get to know the company employees and the projects they are working on. It's pretty much a random podcast. That I love to listen and have come to love the hearing and watching the people involve in it.

Nerdiest: Listen for free on: | iTunes
I love interview base podcast and I think this may be one of the best ones out there. Run by Chris Hardwick, this may be my to go podcast if I would like to find interviews on actors, directors, writers, comedians, pretty much anyone that is in the entertainment industry. I love the fact that the interview just starts. It doesn't start in a format of a traditional interview. Chris has this way of just talking to his guess as if they were just old friends catching up and that is what I love about them. You are getting to know these people that you admire for so long. You are getting to know a little how they think and things they believe.

I also love that it's pretty much uncensored. The pretty much talk about what ever they want in the podcast. I really recommend for you to check out some of the interviews in the site. Really enjoyed them and you will be surprise about who you may find on there.

Movie Fights:   Listen for free on:  Itunes  |  YouTube  |  Paid extended shows
This is one of the geekiest podcast that I know and I love it. Nerds getting together to discuss what they love from movies and which are the best. This is so geeky and I love it. What I loved more is that Em knew about this podcast already when we meet (More things to geek about).

This podcast is basically how the title states. Movie fights. Three people in the show discuss which of of their picked movie in a certain topic is better the the others and one person judges which of the three made better points. This is a great source to actually find new movies to watch and hear what other people thing about past movies or futures movies that may come. I usually watch it on youtube because I just like watching as the guess in the show interact. Also they have the geekiest topics on the show,  from who will win in a battle between Star Wars vs Star Trek, which franchise is better, who will be best to direct the next Marvel movie, the topics are just endless and I just love it so much. I really recommend if you are a movie fan because the picks are free range to any movie. And you may even be surprise and discover a new favorite movie in the mix.


Welcome to Night Vale:  Listen for free on:  Itunes  | Podbay 
If you have not heard about Welcome to Night Vale, you must have had a nice nap Rip Van Winkle.
Let me catch you up from when you where sleeping.  A few years ago, a podcast hit Itunes that reformed the "radio show" in ways we have not seen since Gunsmoke was on your great grandpa's am radio. (Yes, Gunsmoke was a radio show, before a TV show, making it the oldest western show in history.  But, history lessons for later) Bring a serial series back to popularity.

If you haven't listened (and why not?) or still have no clue what I am talking about, I'll give you a brief background. The whole podcast is from the point of view of you listening to a show on Night Vale public radio, in a town where anything and everything is the norm.  A five headed dragon, that is also running for manor?  Got it. A over-lording government that has black helicopters watching you? Check.  Angels? Black Holes?  Bloody street cleaning?  Yes, yes, and yes.  But the best part is, for the people in Night Vale, they know no different, and it makes for a great scifi/fantasy comedy.  The podcast runs about bi weekly, and has spun off to live shows, an online store, and a book!  (Yes, I got the book at Comic Con, when I went to their lunch)

Movie Fights:   Listen for free on:  Itunes  |  YouTube  |  Paid extended shows
This is one podcast that Mel and where both listening to, before we met.  Just another thing to squeal over for us.

Movie fights brings those conversations that you have with your friends (you know the nerdy movie ones) puts it on a platform with a judge and the contestants just fight for their opinion.  They have an ever chancing line up, that has even included Elijah Wood (you know Frodo from LotRs) and  Kevin Smith (Slight Bob/Director) and MANY movie reviewers etc.

But, it's just FUN!  Some questions are just wacky (Iron Man vs Darth Vader) to some of the more fought about questions in movie fan history (Which Star Wars movie was the best).  The facts fly fast, and the jokes even faster.  It's one of my Sunday podcast line up.

If you REALLY get hooked and want more, they have a paid subscription with more movie fights, TV fights and other content. I do not get any kick back if you join, so this little tidbit is from the bottom of my golden heart.

Marvel Movie News:  Listen for free on:  Itunes  | YouTube

I know, I brought up this show in our last Top 3, but I just had to add it here.  I have learned more about what's happening with Marvel movies and shows (by any studio or TV station) than a day of goggle fu and a few quad shot mochas would get me. And, wouldn't you rather have someone else do the work?

The cast and their guests just feel like you can sit all day with a coffee, and talk all Marvel shop. From how you love the casting of such and such, or hate an outfit or that one person, to how your dream movie would be. (Spoiler, mine would never, ever get made)

 I also have a list of comics I want to pick up from listening to their recommendations. Thanks guys, like I needed a bigger shopping list.


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