Friday, May 5, 2017

YallWest 2017 - Mel

It's a week late but it still counts. Been a crazy week. Another successful year at YallWest. It felt a lot bigger this year than the previous years. It also can be the factor that it was only just one day this year. It was excited to see so many people excited about books. It's events like this that as a reader you feel welcome. You see other people talking about books in person that make you love the reading community even more. Is something I wish more in my day to day life.

I had lot's of fun. The even did have it's issues at the beginning but the overall day was fun. Got to see friends that I don't see much during the year, which is always a plus.

I did get a lot of books this year compare to other years. I am excited to dive into them and discover new worlds. I am hoping to start reading them soon. Slowly getting back to reading again and I love it. We all need a break from reading every once in a while.

Any suggestions in to which books I should read first? Is there any reviews you guys would like to see?


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