Monday, April 4, 2016

April Goals & Events | 2016


This month I need to focus on spring cleaning, and looking for work. I have something like 6 crafting projects I am juggling too. Does this stop me from reading? Oh hecky poo no, but I need to plan this month out better.

Books I would like to read this month
Glory over Everything  by Kathleen Grissom
Relativity by Antonia Hayes
Queen of Hearts   by Colleen Oakes

Crafts I would like to finish 
Harry Potter House Bunny 
Teen Wolf Cross Stitch 


This month I want to take it easy. I don't want to overwhelm my self with a million things to do. I am just giving my self two books that I want to read this month and the rest will be what ever I feel like reading. I think I read better that way. If I set my self a list I am most likely won't be able to accomplish it.

This month I am also hoping to complete my Camp NaNoWriMo goals of the month. So it looks like a busy month as it is. There will also be 2 book events that I am hoping to go this year. The Los Angeles Festival of Books (April 9 & 10 2016) and YallWest (April 30th & May 1st) this year they both fall under the same month so that will be something interesting. There will also be a signing event for Ernest Cline in my area so I am really hoping to go to that. So many things to do this month so I am making my reading list short apart from comic books I am hoping to read this month.

Apart from that I am hoping to getting back into a creative routine of drawing and making graphics again. It's just been so long. Here is hoping for this being the month.

Books I would like to read this month
Cabin in the Woods: The Official Movie Novelization by Tim Lebbon
The Bands of Mourning by Brandon Sanderson

Ernest Cline Event info - Barnes & Noble, Huntington Beach, CA
Wednesday April 13, 2016 - 7:00 PM

What are your goals for the month? 


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