Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Birthright by Joshua Williamson

Birthright, Vol. 3

Title: Birthright Vol. 3
Author: Joshua Williamson
Artist: Andrei Bressan and Adriano Lucas Release: May 11th 2016
Rating:★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Pages: 112
Format: Trade
Series: Yes
Summary: As Mikey and Brennan's quest to hunt Terrenos's worst war criminals intensifies, their parents make deals with new and dangerous allies to protect their sons, but a mysterious foe debuts, threatening to destroy the Rhodes family forever.
Collects BIRTHRIGHT #11-15. (goodreads)

Another great continuation from the series so far. He keeps getting me. With his twist and turns that I just don't know what to expect anymore. I love the writing that Williamson does in his stories.

I really can express much about the story because it will ruin any twist in the story. Which is amazing to discover during the process. That is another thing with Williamson. His story always have a twist.

The only downfall I think is that you have questions and he ends up leaving you with a lot more and not answering you the previous ones. But at the same time you are still invested in the story. You are addicted. You can't stop reading the story because you just want to know and hoping that your questions will be answer.

If you like fantasy novels this is a great read. Also if you a Brandon Sanderson fan this is a great comic book series to pic up.


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