Friday, January 1, 2016

Top 3 of 2015

Welcome to our Top 3 of the week. For the first week of 2016 we want to look back at 2015 and tell you some of our tops for the year. There aren’t in any particular order. What were your top 3 thing of 2015? Discuss with us your favorite things and memories of the past year.


There were so many amazing things that I saw and experienced in 2015. It was a very difficult thing to decide on three things.

This year for me was the year of Brandon Sanderson. I read so many amazing books from him I just couldn’t stop reading them. Every world that I dive into was different and unique. I never felt that the world didn’t make sense. I was pulled into the world instantly in every single novel. To this date I have read the total of 11 book by him and every single book is just amazing as the last. I can’t wait to read more of his books in the coming year.

Marvel (Netflix):
One of the things that took me by surprise this year was the Netflix Marvel world which consist of both Daredevil and Jessica Jones (so far). These shows are just amazing. One focusing on the story and the other focuses on character development. Both amazing in their own right. I think this took all of us by surprise. No one believed it was going to be so dark and true to the characters of the comics. Something that we thought Marvel wasn't going to do. But we were proven wrong and we were all happy about that. The darkness of the shows was necessary and that is what makes them amazing.

This make me very excited for the future of Marvel shows on Netflix because I know they won’t hold back on the storylines.

San Diego Comic Con 2015:
Lastly and I think the most important one was attending SDCC this year. This was my 8th year going to San Diego Comic Con. Years before I have been lucky to attend the event going through the process of waking up early and awaiting along with other hoping to get a badge to at least one day on to the event. But this year was different. I was able not to only attend one day, but every single day of the event. This is the first time I was able to accomplish that. Both having the cash and the opportunity of having the days available.

Not only that, I also meet amazing people that I believe made friends for life. Having a lot of the similar love to fandoms and reading. I think that what I loved the most this year was actually connecting with people. The previous years I would just go and just go to panels and walk the floor. But this year I actually hang out with people that I actually meet through fandom online and it was amazing. It’s something that I look forward to doing again next year.


Favorite New Show:
Even though I did binge through the greatness of Jessica Jones, and other shows like The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Grace and Frankie, (netflix is killing it!) I have to say, Sense8 was by far my favorite new show that passed my eyes. This has all my favorite things: Scifi, found family, great characters, and awesome writing. This is not a show for the closed mind or the weak of heart, the story has graphic sex at times with both male and female nude scenes(and once with a lot of them), and lots of blood at parts. However it as an equal balance of in depth of characterization, family feels, and parts of light-heartedness (can we just love on Lito and Capheus a bit here) If you are a student of filming, you will love how they filmed everything on location, and in sense where they flip from Germany to India or any other filming location, everything had to be done to matched, no going back for reshoots. Making even the filming of articles interesting to read.

If you have, until now, been living underground and today you decided to pop out of your hole and check for your shadow, and this blog, here is a little summary of the show.

Around the world, some people are born linked. These “clusters” don’t have to be born near each other, but are always born at the same time, they remain unlinked until they are “reborn.” Which I know sounds really confusing, but this has us learning with adults who, until this point, lead normal lives, so we are learning as they are learning. A sensates can sense anything from another in a cluster. Sight, sound, touch, and even become one of their bondmates, if needed.

To top it all off, I got to be a good little fan girl and get front row seats at comic con for the panel. Even, because of Netflix, it was cast-less, hearing all the stories from J. Michael Straczynski (who I endeavor to be as cool as when I am that age) was the sprinkles on my little fandom sundae.

You can bet your last dollar I will be rewatching this before season 2 airs.

Favorite New Podcast/Youtube Show:
This is not a new show in general but a new show for me but I love listening to Marvel Movie News Youtube (playlist). They are also a podcast on Itunes, but I have an old habit of just listening to it via youtube.

Every week, I listen to Matt Key, Meredith Placko, Coy Jandreau (and whoever they bring on as a special guest) bring me all the news, and rumors of the MCU. Mixed with explaining just who these characters are, and about their comic history. And I have learned A LOT. Which might not be a good things, as now I have a list of comics I want to read, and more podcasts I am listening to, thanks to those special guests. (Hobbies are so pricey!)

Favorite Thing I Did in 2015:
There is no shock when I say Comic Con. (sorry nephew’s first bday)

If you have not gone to Comic Con, or really any Con, you just need to try to put it on your bucket list. It is THE TRIP I plan every year, to the point where I will eat cup of noodle soup to save a dollar for the tickets.

This year was by far the best year. Not only did I get into amazing panels, that I didn’t think I could have (Dr. Who, Vikings and Con Man), but I got to do lunch with the creators of Welcome to Night Vale, win tickets to the Conan Bingo, win tickets to the Zombie fest they had, help a friend at the Masquerade, where she placed in her costume (sorry I love the backstage see how things work stuff).

Oh and did I say I came home with 47 books, and only paid for 2 of them, cause I did!

To make this trip even better was I got to meet Mel for the first time, along with three other online friends, and hooked up with another that I met last year. No matter how many random panels you get to go to, spending time with friends is the best.

This year we already have our tickets, (we are still randomly yelling COMIC CON in chat) and I told Mel we need to bring Comic Con to our blog this year.

Now what stood out for you this last year?


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