Thursday, January 5, 2017

Em's 2017 Goals

Em’s 2017 Mega List of Challenges!
Last year I did get to check of some big goals, mainly the get a job one, which with training and get back in the swing of working a solid 40+ hours a week, that cut into my read challenges a lot. I did lose some weight, 35 lbs, and hope to at least equal that in 2017. I have some more personal ones, but least be honest here, you want to know about books, so let’s get into that shall we?

Also if you find a challenge you think I would like, please post it in a comment.  


Challenge One -  Pages Read in 2017

My friend did a personal challenge, last year, to read 50 pages a day. It worked well for her, and I like that challenge a lot. However I found that there is a challenge for this too! (There is a challenge for everything.) If I go for my goal of 50 pages a day (at least) that would put me between levels 1 and 2.  I am fine with aiming low here, but will hope for high.

Book Dragon’s Lair is hosting a lot of interesting challenges this year. In 2016 I started listening to audiobooks, and with the help of my library I was able to knock out some books I wanted to “reread” or in this case relisten.  It also helps when I am done listening to music at work  

Challenge Three - 2017 Audiobook Challenge

Yep, I am doing 2 audio books challenges. Not cause I can get two challenges done for the price of one, but I want to see which challenge is more fun and engaging. My yearly goal is to get a book listened too.

This one has an odd sounding title, but another that is easy to do. No minimum amount of books, but they have to be those ebooks we all pick up for free.  You know the ones, the are shinny and pretty on amazon and the price is only zeros, just sitting there whispering “click me, take me home.”   Now, until March 4th I can knock those babies off my to read list, like I knock back peppermint mochas.  

My 3 month goal is 6 books.  Which should not be hard, I have a lot of smaller novels in here.  And what’s nice is this challenge repeats 3 times this year. The first one is going on RIGHT NOW!

I love these sites a little TOO much, as my e-reader tells me. Now I need to fulfill my commitments by reading and doing the reviews! I would love to get 1 a month out. We’ll see how it works.

Challenge Six - Beat the Backlist 2017

Well this covers like all of my books right now. I am going for 52 books this year! Swearsies.

That 52 books does not include my giant stack of graphic novels and mangas I have. Shut Up, don’t judge me! I want to do one a week at least here too. That is 52. Or until I run out. (I don’t think this is going to happen)


 So this one is pretty much cut and dry to what the tin label says.  No artificial additives in here, just pure, organic book reviews. You set a yearly goal (mine is 52 reviews) and you try to meet that goal.  

This challenge is one I really love the idea of. Getting interaction on the blogs. Because, if we don’t have a discussion, or at least try to, I might as well just post all my reviews to amazon and goodreads. I want to do 1 a week and will try to hit and post comment on at least 10 other blogs that are doing this each month. Because again, it only works when you get the discussion going.

If bloggers that didn’t post reviews like the should (in some cases they are even written just not posted) had to have a shame photo taken, complete with cardboard sign that said “I didn’t post my promised reviews.”   Well no more!  Now is the time to dust those books, write them up, and post, post post!  

And the last one!  My 2017 resolutions list, as it applies to this blog at least.  I like that I can even include non book goals in this challenge, so you can all see this as a sneak peek of what I want to bring to the blog this year

Reading Goals
  • Get my Netgalley percentage up to 80% (Again)
  • Read 1 authors that is new to me this each month, or 12 a year.  I can not guarantee I will not fall into a MUST READ THIS SERIES manic read-a-thon with myself and can do this monthly.
  • Complete all challenges this year I listed above
  • Do not buy any new books until July. Sorry I just have so many books!
  • Read 30  number of books that I already own  - or put in a micro dent
  • Read 52 books this year
  • Read all graphic novels I bought at comic con for the last 2 years.
  • Clean out my ereader!  (which I guess only works if I stopped getting more)

Blogging Goals
  • Keep spreadsheet completely updated  
  • Write 2 posts a week
  • Blog ahead on Top Three posts
  • Respond to comments as they come in
  • Remember non reading post too!
  • Use twitter more!
  • Start blogging some geeky crafts!

Well I think all of these challenges can keep me busy this year.  Not out of trouble, but busy.  Share one that sound like something you would like to do, or even a challenge you like but I didn’t join this year.

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  1. Congrats on the goals you reached in 2016!

    You're right, there is a challenge for everything bookish, it seems lol. I don't think I could do a pages-a-day challenge though since some days I don't read at all but other days I read an entire 300+ page book.

    I actually had no idea what COYER stood for or what it was about because I was too lazy to look it up even though everyone participates in it lol. So thank you for explaining!

    I love the discussion challenge! That's the only challenge I'm doing other than the GR one :-)

    Good luck with all of your goals!